Dear friends,

     We hope to help you.
     You can email us your needs and ideas at any time. Your every need and idea will be valued and will be dealt with and responded quickly. We are located in China as the global commodity production center. We have the ability to help you obtain and provide you with whatever products you expect. We sincerely hope to help you,also hope we can become friends across the ocean.

Your needs and ideas may be as follows (not limited to the following points):
1. You want to buy a product on Firstbuyfree, but you can't find it. You hope Fistbuyfree can provide this product soon.
2. You need a product that can be found on the local market but it does not meet your requirements
3, you want a product, but you can't find it in the local market
4, you need a product or a class of products, but your local price is too expensive, hoping to find a cheaper product source
5, you need to purchase products in bulk, hoping to get a more satisfactory price
6, you have your own customers, you need us to provide delivery service
7. You want to customize a product that can be given to a lover or for a specific activity.
8, you want to customize a product for a country or market, you can bulk purchase
9, other needs

Where to send mail

    You can send messages to our service mailbox through the 'Contact US' on the top menu, and you can send mail directly to through your mailbox, and we will do the best to help you with the fastest speed.

Note: Your needs can be any product, including but not limited to the products provided on the Firstbuyfree platform.

The only one limit:
     Dear friends, all your expectations, we will do our best to help you achieve and meet. Only one agreement is that your desired products need to comply with your local laws and international laws.